Our Classes

At Stein Music & Art Center, we offer music, art, and language classes for kids of all ages, as well as private classes for both children and adults. Whether your child wants to learn how to sing, pick up the piano, become proficient in Chinese, or learn how to paint, we have you covered.

Music Classes

From drums and guitar to violin and piano, we offer music classes, taught by professionals, in multiple instruments.

Art Classes

In addition to music, we offer classes in arts like drawing, sketching, origami, and clay. Get started creating your masterpiece today!

Voice Classes

Do you have a budding young singer on your hands? We offer voice lessons in pop, jazz, opera, musical theater, and more.

Beginner Classes

No experience? No problem. We offer numerous classes for beginners of all ages. You don’t even have to know how to read a single note of music to get started.

Kids Classes

When working with children, our teachers’ goals are to connect with them on an emotional level to help them become an expert at their craft, whether it’s playing the violin or learning a second or third language.

Teens Classes

We also offer classes specifically for teens, whether they want to learn a new skill or perfect one they’ve been working on for years.

Adults Classes

You are never too old to learn to make music and art. Find out more about our classes for adults.

Private Classes

Sometimes you need some one-on-one instruction to fully understand your craft. That is why we offer private classes in several areas.

What Our Customers Say


Our daughter has only been taking flute lessons at Stein Music & Art Center for a few months, and she is so proud of how many songs she can play. She is looking forward to showing off at her recital soon .

Co Founder

What Our Customers Say


My 7-year-old son is taking both Spanish and Chinese classes at Stein Music & Art Center. These are lessons he can’t get at school, and I know it will help lead him to a successful future .


What Our Customers Say


The teachers and staff at Stein Music & Art Center are so knowledgeable about music, but more importantly, they are kind and patient with my child. She looks forward to her music lessons every week .